A New ITC Begins at 2017 Gala

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Gala Signals a New Era at ITC

Museum recommits to mission of preserving heritage and culture

(SAN ANTONIO) – In 2017, the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures will enter into a new era of service to the state and beyond. The inaugural Texas Star Heritage Award & GalaTM will launch the next phase in the museum’s tenure as one of the finest cultural education institutions in the state.

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With nearly 50 years of history, the institute now enters a chrysalis stage. As museum officials carefully watch Hemisfair redevelopment and envision means to make the museum more self-sustaining, conversations are taking place on whether the museum will stay at the original Texas Exhibits Hall it occupies, or if it will move to a new facility. Regardless, fundraising efforts such as the gala are baby steps toward a new museum: either a redeveloped exhibit floor or creating an entirely new experience at a new location.

The gala will likely tease the launch of a new name and brand for the institute. While effectively a museum, the word "museum" does not appear in its name and its mission and visibility can get lost as visitors plan their trips to San Antonio and downtown. A renaming could help clear that confusion. That would make the "Institute of Texan Cultures" the museum’s research arm, similar to how the institute was founded as a research entity developing the exhibits for the Texas Exhibits Hall.

What will not change is the museum’s mission. Founded in the Vietnam War and Civil Rights era, this museum showed the state’s diversity and brought the many cultures of Texas into the spotlight. After HemisFair, the exhibits hall re-opened as a permanent museum because of the quality and content of its exhibits, and to fulfil a state mandate to become the state’s leading educational center on race and culture.

UTSA and the institute espouse a philosophy that people must have access to an educational institution dedicated to telling the stories of diverse cultures, creating an appreciation for them, and valuing the contributions they have made to Texas and to the nation. Since its inception, the Institute of Texan Cultures has been proof of Texas’ multicultural heritage and has shown through exhibits, events and education, the importance of that diversity. As the museum approaches its 50th anniversary, it prepares to continue that mission with the support of an engaged community and constituency reaching across the state.

The Texas Star Heritage Award and GalaTM is January 19, 2017. For more information, call 210-458-2300 or visit TexanCultures.com/Gala.





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