The Back 40

An outdoor living history exhibit

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Discover the Back 40 Tour

The Back 40 general tour provides students with an overview of Texas History while exploring themes of community, identity, regionalism, immigration, and technology. This tour invites students to think critically about the past in Texas. Students will tour up to five buildings, including the 1870s Dogtrot Log House, 1880s Frontier Fort, 1890s One-Room Schoolhouse, 1900s Hill-Country Barn, and 1910s West Texas Adobe House.

Tuesday–Friday (October 1–May 15)
Tour Times: 10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
Duration: 1 hour

Discover the Back 40 Tour Educator Guide: Pre- and Post-Visit Classroom Activities

Discover Back 40 Pre Post Activities Cover
These activities will introduce your students to the different types of buildings, artifacts, and themes they will encounter during their Back 40 Discovery Tour and allow them to expand and reflect on their experiences after their visit.
Grade Level: 4 (can be easily adapted for lower or upper grades)
Subjects: Social studies (geography, history, economics), art (creative expression/performance), language arts
Click here to access and download an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.
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