Math and Science: Our Shared Culture

San Antonio Virtual and Interactive Geometry Lab

Upcoming Programs: 

Free Second Sunday, March 11, from 12 pm - 4 pm

Join us for our next Family Sunday themed Celebrating Texas Women. We will teach about women in mathematics and do fun geometry activities.
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It All Adds Up to Culture Tour, March 11 at 12:15 pm.


Join us for an interactive tour where we take math and incorporate it into the framework of the many different cultures of Texas. This tour is a one-hour guided program and is recommended for families with children in grades 3 to 5. Come and find out how math plays an important role in the diverse cultures that make our state great!



What is the SAVIG Lab? 

Math and science have historically been an integral part of every culture. Come join in the fun at the San Antonio Virtual and Interactive Geometry Lab (SAVIG Lab) by participating in interactive, hands-on learning activities which present mathematics as a dynamic, culturally significant subject that students of all ages can enjoy. The lessons involve tactile learning activities to stimulate higher order thinking. Classes are available for students from Kindergarten to Graduate School. For K-5 students, there are pre-lessons and post-lessons available for teachers for use in their classrooms upon request.

Kindergarten – 5th Grade SAVIG Programs

Lesson duration for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students is 20-30 minutes while 3rd through 5th grade students will have a 45-60 minute lesson. Class sizes are limited to accommodate up to 25 students.
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6th – 12th Grade and Adult SAVIG Programs

Middle school students and older will have a 60-70 minute lesson in the SAVIG lab, with class sizes limited to between 5 to 20 students. Schedule a visit to the SAVIG lab and watch as your students get excited about mathematics. Visit SAVIG 6th - 12th for more information.
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Contact Information

For booking grades K-5, please call (210) 458-2291, or for more information email:

Carolyn Luna, SAVIG Program Director,
Department of Mathematics, UT at San Antonio
(210) 458-2244 or
For more information and for booking grades 6-12, contact:
Dr. Sandy Norman, SAVIG Director
Department of Mathematics, UT at San Antonio
(210) 458-4494 or

Educator Resources

View our latest lesson plans and materials here.

 Check back for new lesson plans!


Previous Programs:

Check out some of our pictures from our last Free Second Sunday and It All Adds Up to Culture Tour! 

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