Just for Kids: Adventures in Texas History and Culture

Welcome to our interactive learning experiences page created just for kids! There's lots to explore here - who knows what you'll discover! Simply click on any of the images below to access learning activities that compliment some of our long-term exhibits here at the Museum.
Parents and teachers: Have an idea for a new activity? Let us know!

Dia de los Muertos


Observing a tradition

An interesting and entertaining look at the Day of the Dead celebration. How do we honor the departed? What is an "ofrenda" or a "calavera?"
Learn how to build an altar honoring family members who have passed, make papel picado and color a sugar skull.
Click on the image for the activity book.

Los Tejanos: A Plaza in Texas in the 1930s

Carmen Snippet for Web


Explore Culture through Art!

Learn about Tejano history and culture by exploring this colorful painting! Hover over different parts in the painting to learn about what life was like for kids and their families in Texas in the 1930s.
How did people dress differently than today? What kinds of games did kids play? 
Click on the image to the left to learn more!

Chuckwagon Cookin'

Cowboy Munchies Infographic

Texas Cowboy Munchies!

Could you make it as a rough and tough Texas Cowboy?!
Step into the shoes of Texas cowboys in the 1870s and learn more about the role of the chuckwagon in Texas history! What is the chuckwagon? What did the cowboys eat? How did they spend their days? 
Click on the image to the left to learn about life on the cattle drive!
Bonus Activity: Click here to print and color your own chuckwagon!




The Earliest Texans



An Interactive Archaeology Timeline

How much do you know about archaeology?
Learn about the lifeways of some of the earliest Texans and explore the exciting world of Texas archaeology. Bison jumps, rock art, and pithouses - oh my!
Click on the image to the left to find out more!






Native Americans in Texas

Apache snippet 2


The Apache, Caddo, and Mogollon Peoples

How much do you know about the many different Native American groups who lived in Texas?
Click on the image to the left to learn more about the lifeways of the Lipan Apache, Caddo, and Mogollon peoples of Texas! Where in Texas did they live? How did they build their houses? What did they eat? How are their lives similar to or different than ours?


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