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Los Tejanos

Explore classroom resources inspired by our newest long-term exhibit Los Tejanos.Interested in additional resources detailing the Tejano experience? View short educational videos produced by the Texas Historical Commission, ideal for use in the classroom!

A Plaza in Texas in the 1930's: An Exploration of Culture through Art

A Plaza in Texas in the 1930s K 3rd
Carmen Lomas Garza’s work, A Plaza in Texas in the 1930's, offers a glimpse into the past and details a uniquely Texan culture. This resource guide provides students with a visual way to connect with a previous time, and they will use critical thinking skills to analyze and make personal connections with this important work of art.
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The Ranching Experience

The Ranching Experience K 3rdGrade
The Ranching Experience explores the legacy of ranching from a unique cultural perspective and offers students a glimpse into what life was like for Tejano people working and thriving on Texas ranches.


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The Tejano Kitchen: An Exploration of Culture through Food

Kitchen K 3
The Tejano Kitchen: An Exploration of Culture through Food resource guide provides students with hands-on learning activities that give them the opportunity to engage with and make personal connections to the past and present, where they will refine critical thinking skills while learning about the uniqueness of Tejano cuisine.
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Activism and Change: A Look at Emma Tenayuca and Other Influential Tejano Activists

Activism and Change 7thGrade
This resource guide gives students the chance to learn about influential Tejano activists. Students will use critical thinking and inference skills to develop a visual timeline for Emma Tenayuca, an important but sometimes overlooked Texan activist.
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