Just for Kids: Adventures in Texas History and Culture

Have you ever wondered what everyday life looked like for people who lived a long time ago? Where did they live? What did they wear? What did they do for fun? Take a look at the interactive images below to learn more about some of the earliest Texans!

Native Americans in Texas

The Lipan Apache People

Explore a cool painting to see what life was like in the Texas hill country in the early 1800s! Who were the Apache people? What did they eat? How did they build their homes? Hunt to find the answers!

The Caddo People

Explore the mural to discover the world of the Caddo! The Caddo lived on the coastal plains of what is now East Texas. How did they build their houses, and how are they different than those built by the Apache? What did they eat? Find out below!

The Mogollon: Desert Farmers of the Southwest

These Native Americans used natural resources and innovative techniques as strategies to survive in the desert. Learn about the Mogollon by exploring the image below!
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