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Hats Off to Fiesta

March 28 - July 6: Towering above the crowd, Fiesta hats are an over-the-top part of San Antonio’s Fiesta celebration. Big, small, or covered with twinkling lights, Hats Off to Fiesta! is a must this Fiesta season!

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Is This My Shangri-La

Feb. 1 - Apr. 20, 2014: Dr. Lopita Nath is currently working on a book about the Bhutanese refugee resettlement in the United States. From her research trips, she offers a glimpse of life as a refugee, as well as insight into how a people reconstructed their community, and preserved their culture in the face of life-changing events.

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The Struggle for Civil Rights in Texas

Extended: May 4 - UTSA student exhibit examines Texas leaders in the battle for equality.



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