Texans One and All

Texans One and All examines the stories and customs of more than 20 of the original cultural groups that settled in Texas. It is the people that make Texas the great state that it is.

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Perceptions of Texas

Feb. 4 - May 28: The ITC collaborates with the Ayusa (Academic Year in the USA) to see Texas through the eyes of international students, and those students from the eyes of their Texas hosts.

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Texas in the First World War

Opens Apr. 6, 2017: A century since the U.S. formally entered World War I, the events that unfolded continue to have a profound impact on modern international affairs and society.

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Texas Missions and Churches of Roberto Cardinale

Mar. 4 - Aug. 20: San Antonio’s Spanish Missions have been an inspiration to artists and storytellers for generations. This spring, the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures will offer an exhibit capturing the missions and other religious sites in sculpture

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The Other Side of the Eagle Ford Shale

May 13 - Oct. 1: While the Eagle Ford Shale represented a significant economic boom to South Texas, what did it take to sustain the people and workforce that relied on the region for their well being?



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