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Folklife in the Piney Woods of Texas

June 6 – Aug. 31: The Institute of Texan Cultures looks into East Texas traditions and craftsmanship with the help of the National Endowment of the Arts.


About the Exhibit:

Folklife in the Piney Woods of Texas

June 6, 2014 - August 31, 2014

For the past half-century, the Institute of Texan Cultures has sought out and documented those who keep alive the folk arts and crafts that make up part of our diverse Texan heritage. Covering a 33-county region, the Piney Woods region of East Texas is rich in folk tradition.
"Folklife in the Piney Woods of Texas" features vibrant photographs and a sampling of objects which give visitors a glimpse of some of the artisans active in the area. Crafts include leatherwork, metalwork, woodcarving, quilting, gourd carving, textiles, pottery, and basket making.
The exhibit is made possible in part through support from the National Endowment of the Arts, Art Works, and the ITC Texan Fund.

Featured in the exhibit:

(* indicates object(s) will also be on display)
Floor Cloth Painter, Harrison County
Kay Clement (b. Marshall, TX)
* Fused Glass Artist, Harrison County
Jan Graner (b. Albuquerque, NM)
* Potter, Gregg County
Nathadis Lucas (b. Kilgore, TX)
Spinner and Weaver, Smith County
Midge Jackson (b. Texas City, TX)
* Wood Carver, Gregg County
Yvette Jirka (b. Lone Star, TX)
* Gourd Carver, Nacogdoches County
Cindy Grayson (b. Lashgar Gah, Afghanistan)
Quilter, Houston & Montgomery Counties
Novis Hitt & Cynthia Jones (b. Loop & Houston, TX)
Basket Maker, Harrison County
JoAnne Imhof, (b. Marshall, TX)
* Prison Crafters, Walker County
Texas State Penitentiary, Hunstville Unit
* Instrument Maker, Musician, Nacogdoches County
Steve Hartz (b. Keyser, WV)
Video, images only (subject change):
Canning, Houston County
Larry & Sarah Bruce
Leather Worker, Anderson County
Nelson Kennedy
Wood Turner, Smith County
Tom Criswell
Hat Maker, Gregg County
Mike Helms
Gourd Carver, Harrison County
Clarissa Spence
Chainsaw Carver, Panola County
Rick Kuper
Blacksmith, Polk County
Tom Lundquist
Instrument Maker, Polk County
Glen Noble
Quilter, Polk County
Jeanie Noble
Basket Weaver, Montgomery County
Mary Brown
Wooden Spoon Maker, Rusk County
Leonard Miller
Quilter, Gregg County
Lien Ege
Wood Carver, Marion County
Terry Ward
Wood Carver, Gregg County
Rusty Lee
Wood Carver, Gregg County
James Tramell
Hand Crafts, Angelina County
Dominican Nuns, Monastery of the Infant Jesus
Quilter, Houston County
Drue Cochran
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