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Past Exhibits

Texas Contemporary Artists Series: Luisa Wheeler

The 10th artist in the series. The exhibit features digitally manipulated photographs, chronicling Wheeler’s life experiences through the present.


About the Exhibit:

Texas Contemporary Artists Series: Luisa Wheeler

February 4, 2013 - June 2, 2013

The Texas Contemporary Artists Series exhibitions showcase the talents of some of Texas’ premier artists. This series focuses on the work of contemporary artists who call Texas home. Common to all of their work is the bold vision and unbridled exuberance that is the quintessence of Texan culture. The Texas Contemporary Artists Series is curated by Arturo Infante Almeida, curator for the UTSA art collection.
A Latin American artist whose unique style embraces the viewer, Luisa A. Wheeler was a self-taught painter; however, she decided to study art as a photographer formally at The University of Texas at San Antonio. She was born (1957) in the south border town of Eagle Pass, Texas but raised in Piedras Negras, Coahuila Mexico. Luisa has been a promising artist since her childhood. Working as many hours a piece required, this passionate serene hard-working woman reflects the love and appreciation for Latin culture and tells a story in each of her photographs. "I want the viewer to perceive a strong feeling of life and beauty in each photograph I create." Luisa said.
Luisa earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2001 from UTSA majoring in photography and printmaking. In 2005 she earned a Masters in Secondary Education from Sul Ross State University. She received her second Masters degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio in December of 2007 in Fine Arts majoring in photography. She had been awarded to study abroad in Florence, Italy (Santa Reparata School of Art), Berlin, Germany (Ten Days Photographing Berlin), Mexico City (Dia de Muertos) and Barcelona, Spain (New Media)
By pursuing her own artistic vision, this photographer creates lush, expressive works that have fostered successful sales, grants, art exhibitions and her reputation as a serious photographer.

Artist Statement

With the camera I see reality in another world. Each image stands on its own artistic way but also each tells something about myself. There is a sense of poetry when I develop my work. These are stories converted to images that evoke many feelings. After traveling to different places around the world taking so many photographs, I had entered a new creative phase in my life, using my skills to create images that are unlike anything seen before. I manipulate my photographs with the use of technology as a way to explore new horizons. Being raised with limitations has broadened my way of looking at things in a more creative way. Photography to me is like a ritual, you have to be connected with the subject matter, go outside and observe the most mythological aspect of life.
This visual project comes as an examination of the influences that have touched my life during the various stages of my development, continuing through the present day. This reconstruction of found narratives creates a space in which to examine my perceptions of them as well as the underlying connection to contemporary photography.



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