Texas Star Heritage Award

Texas Star Heritage Award

Institute of Texan Cultures seeks champions of Texan identity, diversity, tradition

SAN ANTONIO – To prepare for an inaugural 2017 gala, the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures is calling for nominees for its newly minted "Texas Star Heritage Award."

The museum established the award to recognizing people and organizations whose work emulates its mission: "We give voice to the experiences of people from across the globe who call Texas home, providing insight into our past, present and future."

The museum is searching for key qualities in its nominees: civic, business or community leaders who contribute to the advancement of cultural identity, heritage and diversity throughout the state of Texas and beyond.  Nominees have demonstrated depth and breadth of outstanding service to the cultures of Texas.

Deadline for nominations is April 1. The museum will award a local nominee, a regional nominee, and a business or organization. The recipients of the Texas Star Heritage Award™ will be recognized at the inaugural Texas Star Heritage Award Gala, January 19, 2017 at the museum.

"For a long time, the Institute of Texan Cultures has worked behind the scenes and out of the spotlight, building educational materials, documenting cultures, recording and preserving stories," said ITC Executive Director Angelica Docog. "There are a lot of good people and organizations that have carried that torch to the far corners of our state. They’ve provided funding toward special projects, paved the way for laws and conservation efforts, and wrote the books on what Texas is all about. What they do matters, because they are preserving our heritage and our identity so the next generation knows and understands what it means to be a Texan."

Nomination forms for the Texas Star Heritage Award are available at TexanCultures.com/TexasStarHeritage. The Texas Star Heritage Award Gala is slated for January 19, 2017. For additional details, visit TexanCultures.com or call 210-458-2213.




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